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Damian Bonomo started his design career in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he developed a love and appreciation for the power of typography. Since then, he has devoted his professional life to keeping up with current design trends.

Damian’s experience spans a variety of brands, industries, mediums, and countries. He has a particular focus on UI/UX design, branding and identity, editorial, print, art direction, and packaging. Beyond this, he is also confident in the application of UI and UX principles across other areas of design.

Damian is passionate about elevating the brands he work for, with a view to design as a problem-solving tool - a way of building bridges between people and brands, and between the theoretical and the real. This perspective has been instrumental in the development of his career and the creation of his proudest work.

Above all else, Damian excels at creating eye-catching artwork with the power to expand his clients’ reach and impact amongst their target markets. He loves nothing more than the opportunity to work and collaborate with other passionate people, and transform that passion into polished projects.


I work in different fields of communication design. I am mostly focused on identity design, web and mobile design. Below is the full list of services I can help you with.
— Graphic design
— User Experience (UX)
— Interface Design (UI)
— Art direction
— Visual identity
— Print
— Packging

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