Asymmetric Innovation — Transform complex challenges into opportunities.


Art direction

Visual identity

UX/UI Design

If you’ve come up against a roadblock, Asymmetric Innovation wants to help you move it. The company combines a growing team of designers, systems thinkers, business case developers and innovators with tried and tested methodologies to transform problems into opportunities.


As a new company, Asymmetric Innovation had a lot of work to do in creating traction for their brand, demonstrating their work, and building trust with customers, so they started with the most logical first step: a brand new website. The real challenge was not dissimilar from all good design briefs: to create something that balanced intrigue and simplicity.


Beginning with a blank canvas left plenty of room for innovation on this project. From the creative use of the infinity symbol in the company logo to the modern colour palette and visually engaging elements like icons and responsive menus, this project was truly one of a kind.

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